The Western Association of Aboriginal Broadcasters (WAAB) was established in order to formalize the working partnership between the four founding members and to work on behalf of its five current members towards common goals.

These goals are based on developing new opportunities that would better serve Aboriginal people through enhanced culturally-based communications.

The five member groups combined now have more than 100 years of service to the community and service in excess of 300 communities throughout western Canada. Listener estimates indicate an Aboriginal potential audience of more than 550,000!

It has become clear over the last two decades that Aboriginal controlled and operated communications systems have a significant positive impact on Aboriginal language rehabilitation and retention, Aboriginal arts and cultural initiatives, currents affairs presentations from the perspective of Aboriginal Canadians, and the continuing progress of bridging the cultural divides.

The goal of WAAB is to continuing the evolution of Aboriginal communications by examining enhanced distribution of member services through new technology to a growing and increasingly diverse audience.

Of course, there exists vast potential for future partnerships with other Aboriginal Communications groups in areas such as shared programming, as producing/ co-producing new programs of interest to Canada's Aboriginal Peoples.

WAAB members are currently broadcasting in urban areas such as Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Yorkton, Fort McMurray and Edmonton. Further expansion to additional urban centres in BC and Alberta is planned.

CFNR - British Columbia

Classic Rock CFNR is operated by Northern Native Broadcasting - a non-profit organization based in Terrace, British Columbia. CFNR-FM has been in operation since 1986. CFNR is the only commercial content radio station broadcasting to over 50,000 people living in Aboriginal Communities in Northwestern and Central British Columbia. CFNR also broadcasts to the Queen Charlottes Islands, the Nass Valley, and all the surrounding coastal Native villages surrounding the Prince Rupert Area.

Expansion into Prince George is planned for 2013.

CFWE - Alberta

Established in 1987 by the Aboriginal Multi-Media Society (AMMSA) specifically to serve the Aboriginal population located in northern Alberta. CFWE-FM has evolved its distribution from co-sighting with CBC television to development of it's own low-powered FM satellite re-broadcasting systems to larger and more powerful regional systems that cover hundreds of kilometers and reach thousands of people. CFWE-FM is now distributed to 75 Alberta communities with a listening audience of 100,000 throughout Alberta.

Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC)
- Saskatchewan

Founded in 1983, MBC Network Radio currently airs 24 hours of programming daily, 7 days a week, from studios located in La Ronge Saskatchewan. It reaches an ever expanding listening audience of over 100,000 people in dozens of communities and offers programming featuring interviews, information, education, [and music] in the Cree, Dene and English languages. MBC maintains a grass roots connection in it's programming via phone-in shows and on-location broadcasts.

Native Communications Inc. (NCI) - Manitoba

NCI began broadcasting in Northern Manitoba since September of 1971, providing Aboriginal language and cultural programming. It has evolved into a province wide radio network. Throughout Manitoba NCI is a very real part of the Aboriginal community - the same as trapping, fishing, and bannock! The NCI-FM radio network currently reaches 95% of Manitoba: from Churchill to Winnipeg - "you are in NCI country!" We are the first and only Aboriginal radio network of our kind in Manitoba. NCI-FM broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on 57 FM radio transmitters located throughout the province, reaching over 80 communities and three of Manitoba's largest cities. Two of NCI's major transmitters have a total power of 200,000 watts.

NCI reaches all communities in Manitoba.

Northern Native Broadcasting (NNBY)- Yukon

Northern Native Broadcasting, Yukon (NNBY) produces award winning radio and television programming. CHON-FM, the radio component broadcasts 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Tune to 98.1 in Whitehorse and 90.5 throughout the rest of the Yukon for news, weather, sports and music. Northern Native Broadcasting, Yukon is owned by the fourteen First Nations of the Yukon, and operates under the auspices of an independent Board of Directors. NNBY reaches 20 communities in the Yukon as well as communities in northern
BC and the Northwest Territory.


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