Northern Native Broadcasting, Yukon has been operating since 1985 and is the official voice of the
First Nations in the area. CHON-FM Radio reaches over 20,000 listeners in the Yukon communities,
Northern British Columbia and the McKenzie Delta.


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Northern Native Broadcasting (NNBY)- Yukon


CHON-FM plays a variety of Country and Light Classic Rock music and broadcasts on 98.1 FM in Whitehorse and 90.5 FM in surrounding broadcast communities. CHON-FM announcers are regularly receiving calls from travellers who tune in via internet to listen to their favourite programming or community news.
CHON-FM is a direct contact and voice to the First Nation community. The listeners come from a variety of backgrounds and listen to the station for the in-depth interviews, speciality music programming, sports and health news and entertainment and business updates.

Northern Native Broadcasting Mission Statement:

NNBY reaffirms and maintains First Nation culture, spiritual beliefs, language, traditional values, land and animals. NNBY works for present and future generations, looking seven generations into the future. While we focus on First Nations, NNBY is for all people.

NNBY protects traditional knowledge, empowers First Nations people, supports self determination of First Nations and facilitates the development of a respectful relationship between First Nations and other people.

Culture also includes stories and customs, improving quality of life, and fosters the development of positive social and economic partnerships.

Listeners can tune in to hear

Cool Country Morning
Interviews, news, information and good country music every weekday morning

Music in the Morning
The best of Blue Grass music

50's 60's and 70's music with lots of information for your noon hour

Vuntut Gwich'in Ginjik Nekaii
A Gwitchin language program with the best of classic country

Rippin through Decades
The best of classic rock

Open Highway
Automated Mixed Rock programming

Classic Rock
Automated classic Rock programming


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